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Community and Software*
06'Plone Conference, Seattle, USA
An epic keynote speech, by Eben Moglen, founding director of the Software Freedom Law Center. "It is time to consolidate our gains".
on the GPL v3
From PSL-BR twiki, regarding editor's participation at the 2nd Int. GPLv3 Conference. 
Interview on how GPL v3 current draft may impact sw authors who choose it, in jusrisdictions of French-inspired author's law and Roman-Germanic judcial tradition.
Creative Commons at WSF
From a blog, regarding Laurence Lessig's participation at the 5th World Social Forum.
Debate on how  bloggers experience Lessig's depiction of his participation at WSF,  strategies and the ethics on being vocal about goals like IP reform, etc.
Licensing Policy Debate
From a blog, regarding MS legal actions against a Brazilian IT government authority
Debate on how  users experience MS licencing policies and business strategies, and the ethics of being vocal about them.